Monday, April 1, 2013

Sheng Long'ed before breakfast

Hey, uh, Happy April Fools or whatever. It's time once again to ridicule the backwards, 16th century French Provincials for failing to convert from the Pagan lunar calendar to the far more sensible Roman calendar.
Look at those jerks. Working their fields...measuring time according
 to phases of the moon...trying not to die of plague...pfft...losers.
Damn it internet, I trusted you!
Which was probably my first mistake...
Ok, we've had our fun, now let's knock it off forever. Look, I don't have anything against hilarious pranks played on unsuspecting friends and relatives, but I do have something against fake stories on the internet. It's a violation of the sacred trust between the media and the people like me who stare glassily at the computer screen for hours, accepting ill-researched wikifacts as truth. I suppose I really just have something against reading something that's fake, clicking on it thinking it's real and then feeling like an idiot.

+10 to your nerd roll if you get this.
Also, it means you're old.
You know, when I wake up in the morning I tend to go online and make sure there hasn't been any new wars or lab-grown super-virus I should be aware of. It's not that I'm paranoid it's just that...well ok, I'm a little paranoid, but the point is that on April 1st of every year I can never be completely sure if what I'm reading is for real or just a funny funny joke. The fact that I've just woken up and the coffee hasn't kicked in makes me especially vulnerable to getting Sheng Long'ed before my skepticism sub-routine is up and running. Does anyone else see a problem with setting aside one day a year in which we can't trust anything we hear or read?

Holy shit! North Korean ICBM's incoming! Run for your lives!
Ha! April fools! But really, you should take cover...
Ha! Just kidding! Or am I?

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