Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brace yourselves for 'significant wordplay'!

Look out, according to the Today Show, the new Kmart ad has gone viral...Although I'm not really sure that saying something has 'gone viral' actually means anything, but apparently this commercial has because it caught Matt Lauer's attention...and also because Kmart is likely paying the Today Show to talk about it. Synergy!
Going viral just means that something is spreading like a disease...
which, historically speaking, is not usually a good thing.
It's funny because 'ship' sounds like
'shit' and old people are incontinent. 
Anyway, the ad is kind of funny, so go on, click on it, it's not going to make you a tool of corporate America or anything. The real hilarity though is listening to Matt Lauer prepare us all to hear a word that sounds like, but isn't shit:

"And we want to give you a word of caution, this is especially for parents who may have children in the room right now, the ad we're about to play you uses word play, significant word play to pitch a new service for free online shipping..."

Holy shit, look out kids, there's going to be significant wordplay! You know, anyone who's concerned that children can't psychologically handle profanity has clearly never played Xbox live and heard the face-meltingly offensive things 13-year olds will shout while they make Master Chief tea-bag your rapidly cooling corpse. 

"Fuck you dick-breath, I just pwned your ass!"
-Jamie, beating her friend
Nicole in Call of Duty 4 

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