Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stacey Campfield is a Takeicist.

In a stunningly stupid move in a state we never should have let back in the Union (I kid), a Tennessee State Senate committee has approved a bill that would require schools to pretend that there's no such thing as gay people until the eighth grade.

Gay? We literally don't know the meaning of the word!

"Put your hand down
Heather, your two 

 mommies make us sick."

I guess if your backwards worldview is out of step with the slow but steady progress we've made a nation, you have two choices: re-evaluate said worldview and join us in the 21st century or pass bigoted legislation designed to appeal to and legitimize homophobia. The sponsor of the bill is Republican Stacey Campfield who, in addition to being an avid homophobe, also thinks college campuses need more guns and that Planned Parenthood doesn't need funding. That burning sensation in the back of your throat? That's bile. This guy is just a terrible person. Also, Stacey is totally a girl's name. In a climate of bullying and marginalization that drives LGBT children and teens to suicide, this asshole has stood up and said: "I'm all for bullying and marginalization!"

Stacey Campfield:
Also a fan of slavery.

Check out this article. It's about a study that indicates an increased likelihood of teen suicide (both gay and straight) in areas that are more politically conservative. It's not because of taxes, or universal healthcare, it's because of the institutionalized and hostile homophobia that dicks like Campfield stand for. And while not all Republicans (seriously, check this story out) are anti-gay, I think it's fair to say that the party isn't exactly going out of it's way to distance itself from members who are.

"Look out Uganda, here comes Tennessee!"
-Senator Stacey Campfield

Here's his webpage with contact info if you'd like to tell him what you think. Also, here's a link to the It Gets Better Project. I wonder if Stacey's aware that his politics are so toxic that there's an entire worldwide movement opposed to them. Congratulations Stacey Campfield, you're up there with breast cancer and AIDS!  

Fortunately, it's not all bad news. There is actually lots of resistance in Tennessee to the red-state medievalism pedaled by Campfield and politicians like him. In fact, prominent gay icon and country western enthusiast George 'Mr. Sulu' Takei has offered his last name as a code for gay to be used in Tennessee should the bill become law. For example you could say you're in favor of 'Takei marriage,' or that you enjoy 'hot Takei sex.' God, George Takei is awesome.

With Takei on our side, no force on Earth can oppose us.

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