Friday, February 24, 2017

Suckle the info-teat!

Although I feel like even then we'd still
be talking about goddamned Trump...
I know that NASA totally just discovered like a whole star system full of potentially life-bearing planets about 40 light years away and that's awesome, but unless they've sent an armada to conquer us, I still feel the need to talk about the ridiculous pre-fascist dick move the Trump administration has decided to pull today. You're probably wondering about to which specific dick move I'm referring because at this point it's hard to keep track. I'm referring to the press briefing to which the press was not actually invited.

Well, some of the press anyway. The New York Times, the L.A. Times and CNN were among those not allowed to suckle at Press Secretary Sean Spicer's mighty info-teat.
Good luck getting that image out of your head.
Surely an office that can accommodate a
lip-sync of The Jackal can seat CNN...
Wait, what? Yeah, apparently CNN, the USA Today of cable news, has ended up on the media non-grata list along with the NYT, but I suppose that's just another difference between our home universe and this terrifying alternate timeline we've become trapped in. But whatever, the limp, bullshit-caked reason from the White House was that the regular conference in the Press Briefing Room was cancelled and instead a smaller briefing would be held in Spicer's office. know...

Fine, you got me, I just made that up,
but you're picturing it now aren't you?
Yeah, that was the stated rational for excluding major news outlets who coincidentally may have been critical of (technical) President Trump while giving Red-State shit merchants like Breitbart front row seats. If that sounds like so much transparent Orwellian Newspeak, that's because it is. If Spicer got the crappy office, then why did they move the meeting other than to rationalize locking out reporters who refuse to give the White House the reach around they so petulantly demand-what? It's a journalism phrase meaning favorable coverage...

Anyway, so the President is yanking healthcare from millions of people, making trans kids use the wrong bathrooms and is kicking out reporters who he says are mean to him (because they, you know, report). I have to ask, are we great again now? Because I'm not sure I'm seeing it...
He knows that the press isn't the enemy of all the people right.? Just him.

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