Wednesday, February 1, 2017

No please, continue to hold your breath...

...because an apology is totally forthcoming. This morning on a very special Fox and Friends segment which is certain not to draw widespread ridicule on the internet, the gang invited a psychotherapist named Tom Kersting on to explain the importance of apologizing.
Although surprisingly he didn't ask the hosts
of Fox and Friends to apologize for being responsible
for the death of journalism in America. 
Apologizing for what? Why, for how people are so mean to one another on social media. The psychotherapist/wellness expert/noted website haver Tom Kersting, tisk tisk'ed with the titular friends for a moment and then went on to psychoanalyze everyone on the internet.

He also has a reality show where you can
watch him break up fights between in-laws.
(source: America's rapid decline)
"I see stuff on social media, the comments that come out, especially the divisiveness right now with all the politics and stuff. The comments from one person to the next. And it's really an indication of that person's lack of emotional intelligence, emotional regulation and the ability to empathize with other people and so forth."

-Tom Kersting, psychotherapist 
who coincidentally has a new 
book out, so how 'bout that?

So this, but for your Grandpa.
Huh? Well, sure, I guess he
could be into both...
Seriously Fox and Friends. Like, I know that they're not so much a news outlet as they are a news-flavored entertainment dispenser for disengaged conservatives who need their worldview reaffirmed the same way a heroin addict needs a fix, but c'mon. I mean, c'mon. The Raw Story article I saw this on says that Fox and Friends had Kersting on because they feel that we should all be apologizing to Trump voters but that's not specified in the clip, so in fairness, I can't say if that was the hosts' intent (even thought it probably was. I mean, c'mon).

Yes, I said in fairness to Fox news. Because I'm magnanimous. Anyway, what's weird about Kersting's comments is that they're not entirely off-base.
Well, I think we have come together. In common outrage
at the shitshow that is week 2 of the Trump Administration.
"So it's agreed, only what's worst
for everyone from here on out."
I (and probably you too) have said some fairly mean things about people who voted for the technical winner of the electoral college. A man who rode a wave of racism, misogyny and Russian interference into an electoral college win and then used that mandate-less victory as carte blanch for every divisive, undemocratic, Islamophobic, racist (I know, I said it twice) item on the GOP's wish list. I'll own that. But what do they expect? We're feeling a little, you know, screwed over.

Why not give the power to her, you
know, the one most of us voted for?
The election was questionable at best, outright stolen at worse. The first thing we hear out of our new President, like in the first paragraph of his inauguration speech is a promise to return power us, to the people. And then he signed a bunch of ridiculous executive orders that sidestepped any semblance of debate or cooperation. And today, the Supreme Court nomination. You remember, the one Mitch McConnell refused to even consider until after the election so that the people can have a say? And then we did, but we got Trump anyway?

So to people who voted for the technical winner of the election and who are now all butt hurt that we resent them for it, I'm sorry. Sorry you're bad at making decisions about who can best represent your interests. I'm sorry you conflate bluster with ability and I'm sorry that you equate nuance with weakness. I'm sorry you like his rude Tweets and laugh with him as he mocks the disabled. And I'm sorry that the rest of us are stuck with the repercussions.
Even though some of us won't be stuck with the repercussions
for as long as others...sorry, that actually was kinda mean.

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