Friday, February 17, 2017

Everyone loves a quitter!

Oh, maybe not 'loves,' but maybe we'd hate him less. Who? Oh, I think you know. Anyway, just so we're super-clear, the joke here, like the irony of Donald Trump is that he doesn't get it, right?  I ask because on Thursday he gave a crazy-town press conference in which he described his administration as a 'finely-tuned machine' and not say, a shit-show of potentially apocalyptic proportions.

Do you suppose he's unclear on the definition of finely-tuned, machine or both?
I sure hope those walls are lead-lined,
'cause I'm pretty the Beast has x-ray vision.

And then he blamed all his woes on the media, which was probably a little awkward because they were right there in the room and also not a great idea because they have, you know, cameras. So what I want to clarify is, is he serious? Does he honestly not get that more than half the country hates him. Hates him. When the election happened everyone threw up their hands and blamed the results on angry, disenfranchised conservatives climbing out of their rapture shelters long enough to make their voices heard and that's kinda true, but that doesn't mean that he's got a mandate and it certainly doesn't win him any favors with all of us who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Maybe he didn't read any of their signs and
thought everyone turned out just to say 'hi.'
Sure, the fringey right is happy, but the rest of the country falls somewhere on the 'we got screwed' spectrum. Now we're the disenfranchised angry people whose votes didn't matter because a bunch of red counties in the right places voted for a novelty candidate. Whatever ridiculous claims of illegal voting and huge inauguration turn out the administration makes, he still lost the popular vote by a huge margin and most of us, yes most of us, a point I can't stress enough, hate his guts.

"Who do you think you are? Asking questions
and then telling everyone what I said..."
And the press isn't some rogue element using fake news to convince the public that Donald Trump is an unqualified and unstable wanna be autocrat. They're reporters bound by their journalistic integrity to-huh? Well some of them...I assume...fine, they're trying to sell adspace, but that doesn't mean they're not right for calling him out for being unqualified, unstable and a wanna be autocrat. The point is that even they find the administration's bullshit too obvious to repeat. 

"What part of 'it's only treason when
Democrats do it' don't you people get?"
They're just saying what we're all thinking and he's not going to change our minds by calling them names and insulting us with demonstrably untrue bullshit. And I know that there's a certain amount of bullshit we expect from our leaders, sure, but holy shit we're a month in and the administration is already asking us to pay no attention to the mounting evidence that Vladimir Putin chose our president...which, why is no one in jail for that?

I guess the question then is does Trump not know that there's no coming back from this? He's not going to wake up one day and find that we're all suddenly cool with his unique brand of hostile Twitter-whining and China-poking. The only options open to him are to ride it out and go down as the most hated President in U.S. history or to resign, get a new reality show and leave Mike Pence holding the bag. A bag full of indictments.
"Either way, Nixon's off the hook baby!"
-Richard Nixon, our soon to be
second least favorite President

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