Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Today in new lows...

Hey, you know what always wins sympathy? Suggesting that the victim of a crime is better off for having been victimized. Did I say sympathy? I meant public scorn. But lawyers for the Nashville Marriott are going to give it a go anyway in their defense against a lawsuit filed by sportscaster Erin Andrews. Today in court-huh? 
There probably should be a lawyer joke here...uh, like,
something, something they're all terrible people...
One team wins, the other looses, so why
do they need a desk to tell us about it?
Oh, yeah, I didn't know anything about this until today either, so let me explain: back in 2009, some stalker called Micheal David-yes of course there's a middle name-Barrett secretly recorded video of Andrews while she was nude in her hotel room and then posted it online. Yeah, he's in jail now, but she's suing him and the hotel because holy shit, how did none of the staff notice him holding a GoPro up to the peephole? Oh, and a sportscaster is like a reporter but for sports. I looked it up.

Anyway, Andrews is understandably upset and is suing the hotel's owners and Barrett for damages. I'm not sure where her stalker is going to come up with $75 million but whatever, the incident left her distraught and paranoid about staying in hotels which is kind of a problem when your career involves traveling to sporting events around the country. 
Great, so now you can add hidden cameras to the list of things to worry about
along with bed bugs, black-light sensitive stains and getting the room next to the ice machine.
"You're gonna be a star, whether
you like it or not..."
So this brings us to today when Marc Dedman, a lawyer for the hotel's owners asked her about her career and how it was going since the all the stalking. It turns out pretty well, endorsements, a new job, sure it's with Fox but-wait, hang on a tick...you don't suppose that Dedman was trying to imply that Andrews' being an unwilling participant in Micheal Wayne (you heard me) Barrett's creepy candid camera hotel porn movie has been good for her career? Ok, so he didn't explicitly say that Barrett helped her career by putting video of her online for creepers to ogle, but...uh...

That's exactly what he did do. Look, I know it's his job to get his clients off, but this is like victim blaming only worse. If Dedman were victim blaming he'd be saying that Andrews had it coming for being nude alone in her room. Here, he's saying Andrews should be thanking her stalker and that's just fucked up. Even for-you know, just insert a lawyer joke here.
"Stalker? Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I submit to you that my client is a hero and-
I'm sorry, what's that your honor? No, I think we've established that I have no shame."

-Marc Dedman, 
class act

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