Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Today in important legal distinctions...

Do you know what's never a good idea? Threatening public figures. Even if that public figure is a leathery racist asshat currently trying to ride the blind, ignorant rage of disaffected white conservatives into the White House.
"We're not racists, we're just sick of elected officials not
doing enough to keep brown people out of America."

-Trump Supporters
I mean, just look at him...at the very
least you kinda want to punch him, right?
You know how I know it's not a good idea? Well, yes, common sense, but also because this guy tried it. Didn't click? Fine, I'll explain. Emadeldin Elsayed is a 23-year old student pilot from Egypt who posted on Facebook that he'd be willing to serve a life sentence for killing Donald Trump and that the world would thank him. Yikes, right? Ok, he insists that he didn't mean it and his lawyer says that it was not a serious comment, pointing out that lots of people would like to murder Trump and that Elsayed is in jail "...primarily because he's a Muslim and a Middle Easterner."

"We take all threats seriously, be they
 from Muslims, Mexicans or Democrats."
-Some Secret Service guy
Which, yeah, sounds like something we'd do, but the L.A. Times talked to a retired Homeland Security agent who said that all threats are taken "...seriously regardless of a person's nationality or religious background." Elsayed, as a foreign student, violated the terms of his student visa and that's why it was revoked, not because he's a Muslim who threatened Trump. Yeah, of course you can't go around threatening people, but this was a kid who made a stupid mistake and is now being asked to leave the country because of it. That in mind, he was threatening Donald Trump.

Again, not condoning threats here, but he is running for President on a platform of Islamo-phobia and anti-immigrant crazy-rage. Also, he likes to make funny, funny jokes about how he could murder random people on the street and his idiot supporters would still love him. So how come 's not getting investigated or being deported? Oh, right, the vast wealth and power. Sorry, I answered my own question there.
"Sir, for the record, I'm not assaulting you because you're Mexican,
I'm assaulting you because you're protesting Mr. Trump's politics.
This is not a hate crime, just the disturbing early signs of fascist rule."

-Trump's security guy drawing 
an important legal distinction

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