Friday, March 11, 2016

Let's pick on Mamie Eisenhower!

Maybe we don't remember it because
it happened in the alternate time-
line where Biff was like, super rich?
Look, people misspeak. It's no big deal and it happens to everybody. You, me, and today it happened to Hillary Clinton while she was speaking to NBC News outside Nancy Reagan's funeral:

"It may be hard for your viewers to remember how difficult it was for people to talk about HIV/AIDS back in the 1980's. And because of both President and Mrs. Reagan, in particular Mrs. Reagan we started a national conversation..."

-Hillary Clinton,
stepping in it

"Drugs? Check. Soviets? Check. AIDS?
I say fuck it. What do you think mummy?"
-President Reagan (actual quote)*
Yeah, no she didn't. In fact, the Reagan's approach to the AIDS crisis can best be summed up as something between willful ignorance and aggressive apathy. Obviously people jumped on Clinton's remarks pretty hard, which I suppose I get. It wasn't so much that Nancy Reagan didn't acknowledge the AIDS crisis, it's that she and her husband didn't acknowledge the AIDS crisis at a time when doing so could have made a huge difference. The confusing thing is where Clinton even got the idea that Nancy Reagan ever started a national conversation about AIDS.

Was she given bad information by a staffer? Was she thinking of somebody else? Somebody else who didn't ignore a major epidemic because she thought it was 'too gay' to even talk about? Or maybe she just got swept away.
"I am however sure your viewers will remember the time Nancy Reagan covered
Nine Inch Nail's Closer with Tony Bennett. Now that was a touching moment."
-Secretary Clinton, on a role
That's right, I said it. Mamie
Eisenhower did jack shit.
And that's reasonable, it was probably an emotional day. I mean, she and Reagan did have first lady thing in common and that's actually what the interview was mostly about. How Nancy Reagan helped pave the way for more active and visible first ladies. Sure she did it by spearheading the War on Drugs and all that amounted to was a guest appearance on the Diff'rent Strokes and decades of throwing high school kids in jail for selling weed, but still, it's more than Mamie Eisenhower ever did.

Anyway, in situations like this, the classy thing to do is apologize and move on, and she did, Tweeting that she misspoke and that she's sorry. Cool. No worries. It's not like she said anything truly stupid like vaccines cause autism, or that she could shoot someone and not take a hit in the polls. I mean, that would be a career ending gaffe, right?
What? When he stops being simultaneously hilarious
and blood-freezingly terrifying, I'll stop talking about him. 

*no it's not an actual quote but seriously.

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