Monday, February 22, 2016

Who Yelps the Yelpers?

In a move sure to have absolutely no blowback for Yelp, the company that publishes crowd-sourced reviews of business, has fired an employee for saying that she's underpaid.
Fun fact: Yelp has two and a half stars on Yelp, which
I guess shows us seriously they take Yelp reviews.
-The English Language
Talia Jane, the employee who works-sorry worked-in the call center for Yelp and its conjoined twin Eat24 which delivers food from restaurants to lazy people with better jobs than Talia, was technically fired for violating the terms of conduct, but nobody's going to care about that. She's buried in credit debt, can barely afford her rent or her long commute and spelled 'goals' with a hashtag in the first sentence despite graduating with an English major. She's underpaid, her life's a shitshow and she let her boss know in an open letter.

Ok, but how is this Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppleman's fault? I mean, Jane took the job, nobody forced her. In the letter she mentions another employee who moved east to find a job with a living wage, why doesn't she do that?
Oh, right.
Millennial are the tweeting,
bearded bauxite of labor.
Maybe it's not Stoppleman's fault that Talia Jane can't afford both rent and food, but he is in a position to do something about it. Yes, people like Jane do move to the city and take these shit jobs for shit pay knowing full well that companies like Stoppleman's use the Janes of the world like a cheap, abundant resource, but a job's a job, and somebody's got to answer the phones or whatever it is she does. Not everyone can be CEO's or CFO's or whatever.

Well, robots obviously. So we
are pretty screwed long term.
And speaking of, if CEO's get where they are through superior intellect and natural abilities or whatever sets them apart from the rest of us, couldn't they use their highly compensated talents to figure out a way to pay their staff a living wage? I mean, it's in everyone's best interest. At some point the cost of living in the Bay Area is going to make it impossible for even the most masochistic 20-somethings to suck up and deal. And then who will take calls for Yelp or wait tables?

Let's face it, you can only fit so many Talia Janes in a one-bedroom before they give up and leave the abandon to super-intelligent apes, right?
Let's face it, they wanted it more.

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