Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bob Wilkins: Marketing Genius!

It's open season on Titanic but they
kind of had it coming with all that
'unsinkable talk' and too few lifeboats... 
You know how there's such a thing as too soon when it comes to certain horrific events? I mean, it can depend on how awful the original incident was, but in general when it comes to something like, say, last summer's movie theatre shooting spree, 10 months is about 800 years too soon. Apparently unaware of this is Goodrich Capital 8 Theatre's manager Bob Wilkins who thought it would be a brilliant marketing move to send some actors dressed as armed SHIELD agents into the auditorium for the opening weekend showing of Iron Man 3.

What's that? You hadn't heard that there was an Iron Man 3? Well, that's probably because some guy dressed in full tactical gear hasn't threatened you with a fake gun.
"Go see the Great Gatsby staring Leonardo DiCaprio
and Tobey Maguire! Now in theaters!"
These are supposed to be SHEILD Agents?
Phil Coulson must be rolling over in his grave...

Anyway, police were called in armed and ready for a stand off. Fortunately no one was hurt and everybody had a good laugh (no they didn't), but exactly how fired is Bob Wilkins? Well, he's not...not yet anyway. When the local ABC affiliate asked him if he considered the mass shooting at the theatre in Aurora, AZ when planning the stunt he said: 'Absolutely, that's my number one priority every day, the safety and security of our guests.' Which I suppose is why he worked so very hard to make his 'guests' think their lives were in danger.

Now while you're probably wondering how stupid must this guy be, but Wilkins does ask us bear in mind that 'only a few people were upset, but hundreds were entertained' and really, that's what's important, right?
"My favorite part was when when I was convinced I was
about to be shot in the head by a gun-toting lunatic..."
Visit beautiful Missouri, the
'We'll just fucking shoot you' State.
Did I mention that this happened in Jefferson City, Missouri? I looked it up and in Missouri, a concealed weapon permit costs $100 dollars. It's also one of the 'stand your ground' states meaning that you can legally shoot anyone who looks at you funny. If I'm doing my math right there's about a 98% percent chance that this story should have ended with some bullet-ridden community theatre actors with SHEILD badges and plastic body armor from Spirit Halloween Superstore being carted off by paramedics. Way to go Bob...

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