Monday, September 6, 2010

Star Trek XI: The Rebootening

So thanks to a lot of time on my hands, Comic Life and some images borrowed (stolen, but for fair-usey parody non-sueable purposes) I have been able to finally express my feelings about the new (ish) Star Trek movie.  


  1. this is life changing prose right here! inspired work, bitches! steven hawking wishes he could write a masterpiece about the universe in the future and shit!

  2. Y'know, it could have been worse.

    Hayden Christensen could have played Kirk.

    They could have been whisked off to the Fraternity Quadrant by some latent Catholic alien with a bluegrass fetish who would then show epic plot development skillz by dropping dead, forcing our heroes to drive their space minivan down space route 66 to get space home. Wacky adventures would ensue.

  3. That's the by far most hilarious parody of the movie I have seen so far!!