Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dibs on Enqueasen.

Did you know that George Lucas owns the word 'Droid'? Motorola pays him royalties for the phone. He's like that company that's supposed to get a check anytime someone sings Happy Birthday in public. He created Star Wars, has millions of dollars and he owns an awesome word for robots. I love, hate, and envy this man all at the same time. I lohanvy him.

This was uncalled for...
completely uncalled for.
I love and then hate him because he created and then ruined Star Wars (and to a lesser extent, Indiana Jones). And envy because he was in a position to ruin Star Wars in the first place (also, I envy the fabulous wealth). I am not alone in my conflicted feelings towards the man. If you know a nerd, go ask them right now what they think of George Lucas. They will tell you how much they hate him, and then they'll go on to tell you how much they love his original work, and then they'll tell you how they would have done the prequel movies differently.

Ok, maybe one: I wouldn't have
called this guy Annie.

Since the internet is 83% Star Wars opinions, I'll spare you my laundry list of what's wrong with Episode I. I will however suggest that maybe there's something wrong with the world when someone can be allowed to screw up original Star Wars, prequel Star Wars, Indiana Jones and still gets to own a word. Not to mention the fact that as of 2010 Willow is still unsequeled. What's up with that George?

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that I have invented a word of my own:
Enqueasen: v. to make queasy. Indiana Jones 4 was so bad, it enqueasened me.

Giant ants? A-Bomb proof refrigerator?
Indy having only one illegitimate child?
Poppycock I say. 

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