Saturday, September 11, 2010

How low is the bar?

I'm glad to hear that Gainesville Pastor and non-Monty Python member Terry Jones has announced that his congregation will not be holding a Burn a Quran Day.
Above: this Terry Jones is scientifically a better person than-

-this one. It's true.

C. Monster:
"Why people not get along?"

That's great, really it is. In fact, let's get this man a cookie. Why does this mustachioed crackpot deserve a warm tasty sugar biscuit? He doesn't, I'm being sarcastic. He deserves a punch in the handlebar. A cookie worthy man would never have come up with such a douchey plan in the first place. A cookie worthy man brings people together. 

Is this how low the bar has been set? Can anyone play? Here, watch this: I'm going to drown a basket full of kittens...wait for it...Ok, now I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that I will not be drowning a basket of kittens. 

above: 5 kittens that will not be drowned by me.
My phone should ring any second now...any second...Hmm. Hello? Today Show? Didn't you hear? I'm not drowning kittens! Give me a forum for my crazy ideas!

worked on this guy...

Does anyone else feel like we all played right into this guy's leathery mitts? People like him feed on media exposure. If we just ignored him, he would have gone away. 

Anyway, I think we should start taking suggestions as to what awesome dead person we should get back if we trade in Pastor Jones. 

Here's my vote:


p.s. Sorry, this post really isn't that nerdy.

p.p.s. Update: Check this out. Yup, there is a warm spot in Gre'thor for (non-Monty Python) Terry Jones. Do you suppose he woke up one morning, took a swig from a jug marked 'xxx' and said to himself: 'There's not enough violence and suffering in the world, I think I'll incite some.'

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