Monday, September 6, 2010

Burning Man: Because everything is better on fire...

I went to Burning Man with my friend Becca last week. It was rad. 

Before the Man burns there's a fire show. Hundreds of people wielding fire weapons, because everything is better on fire. Also, there was a dragon. On fire. There was a fire dragon, then a dude with a fire sword fought it. Who won? We all did.

Best album cover ever.

I love art cars.
What, did you think they walked?

I want.

Oh yes, it's a steampunk snail car. Does it spit fire?
You bet it does. From it's eyes.
This was the line to get out. I'd estimate about one or two
hundred billion cars, give or take.

Also, the line was six lanes wide. Six.

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  1. I'd assume you're still there? Shall we forward your mail to:

    Flaming Snail Car
    Burned Man
    Nevada, USA