Sunday, June 25, 2017

Meddlin' mulligans!

And did they ever manage to nail him for
what he did to Zoe at the end of season 1?
So is it weird that the President is totally comfortable acknowledging Russian interference in the 2016 election when he's criticizing the Obama administration about it, but when anyone suggests the possibility that said meddling is the reason we have President Trump and not President Clinton (again), it's all like a crazy witch hunt devised by sore losers? Or is the obstruction of justice thing the witch hunt and the Russian election meddling fake news? Or both? It's really hard to keep all the presidency-ending scandals straight.

I'm sorry, did he think we needed help
recognizing the electoral college as
a catastrophically flawed system?
Anyway, Trump was reacting to-sorry, tweet-ranting? I'm not sure what we call this anymore. He was talking about a Washington Post report that says that President Obama received a CIA intelligence report that said that Trump's KGBFF, Vladimir Putin not only directly ordered the hacks of DNC emails, but that he did so with the explicit intention of discrediting the American democratic system by damaging the Clinton campaign and helping Donald Trump win the election. Which he did, sort of. Win I mean, the point is he's the president now and possibly because of Russia.

Is acknowledgement of Russian interference an acknowledgement that the election was questionable and we should, you know, look into this? Or is it maybe a chance to go after Obama. Go on, guess. Here's the tweet:
Should we at least pretend to be surprised that he's making
the story about his potential illegitimacy about Obama?
"Vlad, I'm going to need you to stop meddl-
huh? No? Well, we're going to levy some-oh,
he's promised to lift them? I see. Well, I'm out."

-Obama, exercising all options

Uh...yeah. Ok, good question. Of course, Obama didn't not do nothing-wait-didn't do nothing? You know what I mean. Obama did call Putin and asked him to knock it off, and he did levy some sanctions which...hey remember all the accusations the current President has been facing about his staff having contact with Russia before the inauguration and possibly telling Russian officials not to sweat all those sanctions because now that their guy was going to be President, he can make them go away? So...yeah..Obama hasn't commented yet, but he did do something, he just didn't not do something that didn't not help. With me?

Five years of demanding Obama respond
to an accusation that he himself made up.
Also, I'm not super clear about what action the Obama administration was supposed to have taken that Trump and the GOP wouldn't have turned into an accusation of him trying to help Clinton win. Remember when Trump wouldn't agree to accept the election results if he lost? And before that when he spent five years asking for Obama's birth certificate? Now, seven months after electoral-college winning an election that might have been interfered with, he wants to know why Obama didn't postpone the election or something?  

Here, check out this subsequent tweet in which Trump went on to call on all of us to stop focusing so much on him and start focusing on the previous administration's failure to prevent him from being president:
Uh...I don't know, I'm kind of comfortable focusing on T,
since T is the P thanks to R and probably should be in J.
"What are we supposed to do? Win by 
having better ideas than our opponents?"
-Speaker Ryan
Look, I'm not saying the Obama administration handled this great. I have no idea how they responded and neither does Trump. And we may never know the extent of the interference or whether or not it changed the outcome. Republicans have spent the last six years re-drawing district lines in their favor and according to a new analysis by the Associated Press, GOP gerrymandering might account for 22 of their House seats. So even without Russia, it could be that Republicans win because they're goddamn cheaters. It would go along way to explaining how they keep getting elected despite consistently passing objectively bad legislation.

What I am suggesting is that maybe the sharp, icepick to the brain sensation we're all feeling might be related to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in: we have a President who may have won because of meddling by a foreign power. He openly acknowledges this meddling, and yet doesn't seem to understand why we have a problem with it. So I guess my question is, aren't we having an election do-over right now? Like, right goddamn now?
"If I had a million dollars for every time my inability to accept objective 
 reality has gotten me out of a tight spot, I'd have...huh, what ya know?"
-The guy most of us didn't vote for

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