Friday, June 9, 2017

Astology for Plutocrats

Hey, did you see the thing Trump's son said? No this is one of his other sons, who also said something ridiculous on Sean Hannity's show. It happens a lot.
I guess that's a helpful description if the name and smug
expression of contempt for all we hold dear wasn't a tip off.
Well, on the pulse of Americans who
move imaginary money around instead
of doing actual work, to be specific.
Yeah, we're talking about this bullshit agin. Sorry, the next post will be about Star Trek or something. Promise. Anyway, Donald Trump the Younger said:

"When the Dow hits another all time record right during the testimony, you know he's been exonerated. The markets basically said this has been nonsense."

-Donald Trump Jr, with his
finger on the pulse of America

"Go ahead, call the cops...pfft...narc."
-Some thieves,
flipping the script
He's referring to former FBI director James Comey's testimony yesterday which everybody who doesn't own a red 'Make America Great Again' hat agrees looks pretty bad for Trump, but which the President sees as incontrovertible proof of his total innocence. He went on to denounce Comey as a leaker for leaking details about their conversations in which the President might have been trying to pressure him to drop an investigation. Which seems a little like robbing someone's house and then calling them a narc for calling 911.

"To income inequality and its
indefinite continuation!"

-some wealthy jerks
So Trump's son thinks the stock market is saying that the President is innocent. Cool. Whatever. Like, I'm not a stock market guy, but even I know that Federal investigations don't hinge on the goddamn Dow. Sure, politics totally have an influence on the market, but so do natural disasters, wars and how Dutch people feel about tulips. The point is it's complicated and if anything, just shows that Wall Street really digs Trump, which of course they do. He loves money and doesn't give a shit about poor people, which is their thing.

Donald Jr.'s preposterous suggestion came during an equally preposterous six minutes of Hannity and he circle jerking each other over how mistreated the President has been at the hands of the Democrats and the media and the two of them-huh? Settle down, I mean circle jerking in the figurative sense.
What? Don't look at me like that. They might as well have been jer-huh?
What's that? Oh, your problem is with a two person circle...ok, that's fair.
I'm being unfair. Donald Jr. and Eric worked
very hard be the sons of a guy who inherited a
fortune from someone who worked very hard.
The important thing is that Trump Jr.'s comments point to a serious divide between how he sees the world, and how the rest of us see it. Like, he's measuring success in things like corporations turning profits and regulations being dismantled, not by things like whether or not people have health insurance, or where the sea level will be in fifty years. And he never will. He's part of a segment of the population who will never have to spend the rest of their lives paying off student debt or start a GoFundMe for life-saving medical care.

Look, I don't know if there's a causal link between market upticks and Comey's testimony and I don't think Donald Jr. does either. I think that's crazy rich person astrology and he's bringing it up because Republicans are sexually aroused by the Dow Jones Industrial Average. I do think however that we're in for some serious problems when the right looks at this unfolding shitshow and sees Trump as a victim and not like the guy that's going to drag everyone else down with him.
Pictured: This, except with out of touch plutocrats.

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