Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Keeping the BS in the BSA!

So after a two-year secret review process (nothing sketchy about that...), the Boy Scouts of America (our country's subtly-religious, creepy pseudo-army for kids) has decided to hang on to their long-standing policy of being openly homophobic and will continue to ban gays from being Scouts and Scout Leaders.
The review committee also upheld an earlier decision
which requires animal mascots to wear pants.
(damn, check out the abs on the tiger, I bet he works out)
Above: a diversity of (white Christian
 male) perspectives and opinions.
Behold, the BSA's Statement:
"The committee included a diversity of perspectives and opinions. The review included forthright and candid conversation and extensive research and evaluations -- both from within Scouting and from outside the organization. The committee's work and conclusion is that this policy reflects the beliefs and perspectives of the BSA's members, thereby allowing Scouting to remain focused on its mission and the work it is doing to serve more youth."

If the Boy Scouts don't teach your kids
about stone age weaponry, they're only
going to pick it up on the streets.
So the decision to discriminate against gays and lesbians 'reflects the beliefs and perspectives of the BSA's members'? That's their whole thing? No double-talk, no equivocation. Just: our members think gay people are icky so tough shit, gay kids and parents. Wow. You know for a group that claims to help the youth build self-confidence and reinforce ethical standards, it's pretty amazing that they can come down so firmly on the side of discrimination without the slightest attempt at bullshitting us. I mean, you almost (I said almost) have to respect that level of naked bigotry.

Here they are, an organization in the 21st century that's open only to boys and whose activities include tying knots and making bird-feeders out of milk cartons (life skills which I'm sure are way more useful than accepting people's differences and learning to get along), and they're going to stick with their 'no queers allowed' policy? Is there a merit badge for exposing your group to years of costly lawsuits?
Yup, that's what our kids are going to need to compete in the 21st century.
Knots and bird-feeders. Oh and the Pinewood Derby. Screw diversity,
we've got wooden cars that go down ramps. U-S-A! U-S-A!

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