Monday, March 14, 2011

Be Excellent to Each Other

I thought this article from the L.A. Times was pretty cool. It's about how despite an apocalyptic disaster that's killed thousands, devastated entire cities and actually moved Japan's main island 8 feet (!), people are still taking the time to be polite and express concern for those around them. Victims being pulled from the rubble of their homes are actually apologizing to their rescuers for taking them away from people more in need. Warm fuzzy: Accomplished.
To help counter the unremitting horror of the past few days, here's an adorable picture of Hello Kitty driving a car.
You're welcome.
Here in the U.S. Christmas shopping has a death toll. If we seriously can not control ourselves in the face of WalMart's low low prices, what are we going to do next time there's a hurricane or an earthquake or when the robots finally turn on us? I hope that if (and when) we're next placed in a similar position we can muster even a fraction of the civility and thoughtfulness it takes to look out for one another. Wouldn't that be great?

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