Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winning Streep!

First of all, sorry for the 'Winning Streep' thing. It's late. Secondly, I didn't watch the Golden Globes tonight. It's not I have any particular beef with watching the entertainment industry congratulate itself for three hours, it's just I was out and had things to do. But holy shit, I did see Meryl Streep which, if you didn't, do.
If you put a microphone in front of Meryl Streep,
you're going to get Meryl Streep, so deal with it.
How long until we see Trump's petulant,
barely literate Twitter response? Should
we like get a pool going or something? 
Streep, who, as we've discussed before is the best at acting, used her thank you speech to call attention to the importance of journalists in the post-factual, post reasonable reality we'll be spiraling towards later this month when technical President Donald Trump is sworn in. Yes, it's what I call him because he only technically won. Her remarks were eloquent, elegant and true so of course conservatives immediately leapt in with angry tweets. After all, how dare she point out how awful everything that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth is? The nerve.

"I'm just putting words together, I
honestly have no idea what I'm saying."
Sean Hannity had some weird, vague comment about how Hollywood is hypocritical and obsessed with sex, violence and drivel which is weird because does he even know he's on Fox? Also, Meryl Streep was specifically calling that time Donald Trump mocked a reporter's physical disability which is a thing he did. Like, it's on video, you can watch it right now and it contains neither sex nor violence, so I don't know what the fuck he's talking about.

Similarly out there is Megan McCain's (yes she's John McCain's daughter and yes, she's on Fox News) Tweet suggesting that Meryl Streep's speech is why Trump won:
Won, or technically won?
Here, for no reason, Mathew McConaughey
winning an Oscar for best actor in 2014. 
I thought this was a little weird because the Golden Globes were tonight and most award shows are broadcast live and not transmitted backwards in time. Although sometimes they can make you feel like time has ground to a halt. Zing! Of course McCain could have been referring to the content of Streep's speech being emblematic of the cultural attitude towards conservatives that led a surprising number of Trump voters to climb out of their rapture shelters and head down to the polls last November which might well have been a factor.

I mean, we have been calling disengaged, narrow-minded bigots idiots for years now and it was only a matter of time before they came out in force, but it's not the only reason.
I realize I'm a terrible person for even thinking this  but look at
these guys and tell me we were completely off base. Be honest.
Pictured: the ex-KGB agent who helped
Donald Trump be the next President. 
There's the electoral system that gives disproportionate voting power to rural, conservative states, the last minute FBI bullshit about Hillary Clinton's email that hung around just long enough to be damaging and oh, then there was Russia. Remember that time a foreign power interfered in our election and the GOP was suddenly calm and rational about it? Because that happened and the intelligence agencies are in agreement on this now, so go on Meghan, tell us some more about how technical President Trump's win was because of Meryl Streep's speech, we're all ears.

You see, they're only arrogant
media elites when they vote Democrat.
We're probably going to hear a lot of right wing bemoaning about how Meryl Streep politicized an awards show nobody on the right ever cared about in the first place and about how celebrities should stay out of the political discourse but what they're going to conveniently forget is that they sat idly by while the host of a goddamn reality show hijacked their party and is getting sworn in later this month so really they can shut up now. Yeah, I know I'm complaining about something that hasn't happened yet, but it will. I'm just getting a jump on it.

Anyway, Meghan McCain is now twitter fighting with Billy Eichner. Eichner called Republicans 'fucking morons' and McCain's all 'way to bridge the cultural divide.' It's a treat.
Yeah, but you guys did run Trump so...

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