Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kellyanne Conway: Spin Wizard

"How dare the press question the Press
Secretary. And in the pressroom no less..."
-Kellyanne Conway
Is Kellyanne Conway even remotely for real? Because...because...let me start at the beginning. Remember yesterday when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer lied to us and got all huffy and whined about how the media isn't doggedly repeating Trump talking points? Well Trump administration counselor (which is a job, I guess?) Kellyanne Conway decided to lean in to that particular shit show on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd when she suggested that if the press doesn't start being nicer to Trump then maybe they won't get access anymore.

Above: This, but with bullshit
instead of magic and whimsy.
Yikes. When pressed for an answer about why Trump was cool with having his staff lie to us she went all in. Like, full brazen bullshit spin wizard:

"...don't be so overly dramatic about it Chuck, what it-you're saying it's a falsehood, and they're giving, Sean Spicer our Press Secretary gave alternative facts to that."

-Kellyanne Conway, calling all of us,
like, everyone in America, idiots

Factuality is sort of a binary thing.
Either something is factual or
something is a box full of dead cat.
Just so we're all on the same page here, there's no such thing as alternative facts, right? Like, either something is accurate and backed by photographic evidence or it's horseshit spun by right wing shit merchants under the mistaken impression that we're all idiots. There's no 'the truth is probably somewhere in between' or both sides have a point. Turn out for the inauguration was weak, turn out for the Women's Marches was enormous and widespread and Sean Spicer is full of shit.

So is next Wednesday good
for Sean? Maybe we can all go
out for drinks afterward.
Like, does she not get they they work for us? I mean, like most Americans, I didn't vote for Trump, but he did technically 'win,' and is now sort of the President and in that capacity works for us, right? You know, we the people. The media is just that hunk of the people that we send in to ask questions and demand answers because we can't all fit in the press room. Although if she'd prefer I guess we could all just come down to D.C. and ask our questions in turn. This weekend showed that Americans don't mind traveling.

Look, nobody cares about the numbers at the inauguration. We do however care about being lied to. The administration doesn't allow us to ask questions, we require that they answer for their actions. The suggestion that the press needs to be nicer to Trump or they won't get access to the President is just...what's the phrase? Is it unmitigated gall? Yeah, unmitigated gall with some undertones of blind rage...
On our left Chuck Todd absolutely dumbfounded by the Olympic level
bullshit being hurled at him via satellite and on the right, Kellyanne Conway,
defiant, resolute, almost daring us to try and reason with the unreasonwithable. 

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