Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Today in blatant age-ism...

In your day, jobs paid a living wage and
college cost like $200 a year, so shut up maybe?
Hey lookit, youths, getting like all involved and shit! You know, millennials? They're that generation people like to write off as lazy, entitled brats while at the same time conveniently forgetting that the lazy entitlement of the previous generations has created a world where kids have to work two or more shitty, low-paying jobs with no security and no health insurance just to cobble together a living and barely afford a place to live as long as they share it with two or more roommates.

Just some of the older Trump fans who
won't have to live with the repercussions of
poor choice they made. (source: bitterness)
They're looking up from their Twitterbooks and Facepages long enough to organize a crowdfunded movement house in D.C. What the hell is a movement house? I'm glad I pretended you asked. They plan to rent a space in our nation's capitol close to the White House and Congress and use it as a staging ground for protests against technical President Trump, who, as you know, in addition to being just all around terrible is particularly unpopular among young people.

"Let strangers stay in your house. For money."
-not actually their slogan
but it might as well be

The group, called Millennials for Revolution is made up of activists whose previous work has been in things like fighting against social ills like climate change, discrimination and Walmart, so dedicating themselves to protesting Trump seems like a natural progression. According to the crowdfunding page, the house itself will be used mainly as a base of operations and not like, a place to live, but then 'activist' isn't usually a paying gig and this is the generation that gave us AirBnb, so, yeah, c'mon people are totally going to be sleeping there at least some of the time.

It's the future and they have Thunder Dome,
but with kids and everyone dresses like drag
queens and-.oh! They're hungry...
Millennials for Revolution says they hope to get District 13 open in time-huh? Didn't I mention? Yeah, they're naming it District 13, which is like a reference to Hunger Games. A reference I had to look up. Because I'm suddenly old. Don't laugh, if it hasn't happened to you yet, it will. Soon and when you least expect it. Anyway, they're aiming for $50,000 to cover rent for a year and they hope to have it up and running in time for Inauguration Day and the Women's March on Washington so, cool. right? Cool? Do the kids still say that? Ill?

Whatever, I don't use Twitter, I think AirBnB is gross, and I never read Hunger Games but millennials are kind of giving me hope for the future. Well, millennials and the certainty that the people largely responsible for Trump's win won't be around forever.
Holy shit, now I'm just being mean. Sorry baby boomers,
I know it wasn't all you. Racists and idiots helped too.

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