Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Won't you be my Gaybor?

"Thanks Hillary, we were
just waiting for your ok!" 
-Gay People
Hey wow, Hillary Clinton is now officially comfortable with the idea of gay people getting married just like regular folk. That's awesome. If your inside voice is reading this in a sarcastic tone, I want to assure you that that's not what I intended. I think it's really, really neat that now that it's politically safe to do so, Hillary Clinton has finally decided to voice her support for marriage equality. Look, I like Hillary Clinton and will totally vote for her, but holy shit, now she supports marriage equality? Anyway, in totally more impressive news check this out. Thunder: stolen.

So like remember the Westboro Baptist Church protesters? Those asshats that hate gay people, soldiers, gay soldiers, America, other countries and...well, everything? Well they just got a new neighbor and he's awesome (although they probably hate him).
If you can get out of bed everyday and not spew hate-fueled, homophobic
pseudo-religious vitriol into the world you are better than these people. Congratulations.
Did I mention that Fred Phelps
has a pool? I didn't? Well he does.
This guy named Aaron Jackson bought the house across from the Westborough Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas and painted it rainbow. Let me make this clear: Jackson was tooling around on Google Maps, saw that there was a house for sale across from the headquarters the most rabid-foam, batshit raving hate group in America, bought it for $83,000 and painted up as a tremendous 'fuck you' to the God Hates Fags crowd.

"And then I thought, what the hell? Why not
 invent free, abundant energy forever?"
The amazing part (ok, the even more amazing part) is that this is Jackson's first foray into activism. He was just sort of looking for a way to get involved. Most of us would be content to buy a bumper sticker from the Human Rights Campaign or sign an online petition and then delete the incessant emails that keep asking for donations. Not this guy. This guy buys a goddamned house and then paints it ROY G. BITE ME. That's like thinking about buying a hybrid, but instead discovering cold fusion.

"The reason I haven't gotten into the gay rights activism is because, in a sense, it's almost silly -- it's 2013, are we really still in this position? It just seems ludicrous..."

-Aaron Jackson, pointing out the ludicrousness

Above: One of Jackson's friends substantially raising property
values in the neighborhood. Although he totally missed a spot. See?
Up top there? To the guy's left, there's like this gap in the pink...
Do you think we should tell him?

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  1. This is the best way (better than I could have managed) I've yet seen to stand up to the kind of person who would make a sign that says "Thank God for IEDs" because of how much they hate (re: fear) homosexuality. I mean, at this point I see their "God hates Fags" signs and go "yeah, you are a hopeless asshole no one cares about anymore", same for "God hates the USA" etc. but thanking God for Dead soldiers and bombs? I am an ATHEIST and this offends me because it makes NO FUCKING SENSE. Also they are smiling like they are so very happy about how much God hates...well them, considering they are part of America. I can't even formulate a sentence in the face of that. I either have to go away, or start killing them. This guy kicks ass for managing to be constructive, positive, and totally in their face all at once.