Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just let it happen...

"Beam me up Chewie...or whatever..."
J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars Ep. 7 and really I'm ok with this. You know why? Disney isn't interested in loosing money. They gave George Lucas like $4 billion and they're not going to turn the first film of the new trilogy over to someone who's going to screw it up. If they have to make more Star Wars, he's perfect for the job, besides, he already directed a Star Wars movie. What the hell am I talking about?

Well, his Star Wars movie was called Star Trek even though it bore only a passing resemblance to the source material. Sure it had Spock and Kirk and all the beep-boop noises on the bridge of the Enterprise were there but when you got down to it was Star Wars with phasers:

Farmboy with a destiny: Check.
Luke Skywalker grew up on a moisture farm...
you know, farming moisture or something.
James T. Kirk grew up on a farm in Iowa,
apparently growing starships.
Bad guy with a planet killing super weapon and dubious rationale for using it: Check.
Grand Moff Tarkin blew up Alderaan because Dantooine was too much of a schlep.
Nero destroyed Vulcan because future Spock failed to single-handedly prevent
a super-nova (a natural phenomenon mind you) from wiping out his home
planet of an alternate future...that hadn't happened yet...
Climactic moment where the aforementioned hero is given a ship and put in a position to save the galaxy despite being severely under qualified: Check.
Either dusting crops is exactly like piloting a star fighter,
or the Rebel Alliance needed some cannon fodder.
You can either earn command of a Starship through decades of
hard work and sacrifice or you can be the guy with a famous daddy.
"Ok J.J, we're all counting
on you so don't fuck up." 
Abrams's Star Trek was cool, but it never really felt like he and the writers understood what Star Trek was supposed to be. I mean it's right there in the title: Trek. They did zero trekking in that movie, they just chased Eric Bana around while things was like a space war or something. In fairness, that last couple Trek movies kind of sucked, so it's not like anyone else was getting it right...Anyway, I know it's down right anti-Roddenberrian to put my faith in J.J. Abrams based solely on Disney's desire to make good on an investment, but for real, unless he actively sets out to destroy Star Wars, the sequels will be better than the prequels.

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