Thursday, July 20, 2017

Today in the dogged pursuit of facts...

" you're wasting our time. Super."
-Katy Tur, probably reconsidering
some of her career choices.
Hey, remember when the President set up the Presidential Commission on Voter Fraud to investigate the massive voter fraud he made up? They've just had their first meeting so Katy Tur asked the head of the commission on MSNBC about whether he thought Clinton really won the popular vote. Here's Kobach's response:

"We'll probably never know the answer to that..."

-Kris Kobach, the guy investigating voter fraud
on the utter pointlessness of his job

The game's afoot! And also meaningless.
Wai-what? So Tur then asked him what the hell then is the point of the commission he heads..uh, my words, not hers, Kobach explained:

"It's not to justify, to validate or invalidate what the President said in December or January of 2016, the commission is to look at the facts as they are and to go where the facts lead us."

-Kris Kobach on the facts, which
suddenly everyone cares about

"In my defense, lots of people are idiots."
-Kris Kobach on how stupid
he must think we all are the commission the President set up to investigate voter fraud isn't there to validate or invalidate the President's claims of voter fraud in the 2016 election, but rather voter fraud as an abstract concept. And it's just a huge coinci-I'm sorry, a yuge coincidence that the President made those baseless claims about having been robbed of a popular vote victory that directly led to the commission-hey, Kobach and the President know about the internet, right? And how it remembers all the things they say to us?

Incredulous at the logical hopscotch and contempt for the public's intelligence, Tur pressed:

"How do you say 'we may never know the answer to that question. Really? You really believe that?"

-Katy Tur, because sometimes repeating
'Really? Really?' is all you've got left
I know this administration is tearing down the very foundations of what
makes our democracy function, and that's terrible, but the looks on the face
of the journalists trying to get answers from these people are priceless.
And when they're done with fraud, they
can get to work figuring out how many
angels can dance on this thing. Say, nine?
"Well I, what I'm saying is let's suppose that the commission determined that there were a certain number of votes cast by ineligible voters, you still won't know whether those people who were ineligible voted for Trump or for Clinton or for somebody else. So it's impossible to know...what the final tally would be in that election."

-Kobach, contemplating just
one of life's many mysteries

So the head of the voter fraud commission doesn't think he'll find anything. Great, neither do we.
I wasn't really questioning the electoral
outcome before, but now I kinda am...
And furthermore even if, hypothetically, he was able to find evidence that some illegible voters cast ballots he wouldn't be able to show who they voted for or determine if the outcome would have been affected which, holy shit, doesn't a few fraudulent voters swinging a couple crucial districts to Trump in sharp defiance of all the polling data sound like a much more plausible scenario than the 3 million illegal votes for Clinton that still failed to deliver her an electoral college win?

Ok, but that's the kind of baseless speculation that can drive you crazy. What guess I do want to know is are we paying this commission and if so, how much? Because it kind of sounds like they're about to waste a lot of time and money neither validating nor invalidating some off-handed claim the President made to make himself feel better about not being the person most of us voted for and actually raising even more questions about an election we've already got serious issues with.
Although I suppose Kobach does kind of line up with the President's
policy of hiring people with no qualifications to do a terrible job.

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