Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ball's in your court George Takei!

Speaking of Star Trek and April Fool's Day...huh? Yes I was, like earlier today. Anyway, is anyone else glad April Fool's Day is over? Because I really, really hate having to be suspicious of everything I read on the internet. I mean, moreso.
"This just in, Hillary Clinton murders puppies."
-The 'News' site all your friends shared
on Facebook during the campaign that
was not-so secretly Russian propaganda
Above: The President shaving Vince
McMahon's head during Wrestlemania.
Like take George Takei for example. On Friday which, mind you was not April Fool's Day, he announced that he and his husband would be moving to Devin Nunes' district so he could run against him and win his seat in Congress. I totally bought it. After all, Takei ran for Los Angeles City Council back in the 70's and has been politically active like his entire life. Besides Al Franken is in Congress and is awesome. And may I remind you that we live in a world where both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse the Body Ventura have been governors? Also, you know, The President...

With the combined power of Sulu and
and Samantha Micelli behind him, no
force on earth can stop Jon Ossoff!
So a celebrity running for office? Plausible. George Takei, who is already in to politics and has a history of running for office now announcing that he is, in fact, running for office? Super-plausible. None of this sounds that out there, so imagine my surprise when on Saturday Takei announced that it was all an April Fool's joke and he did it as a way to draw attention to an actual congressional challenger, Jon Ossoff who's running for Tom Price's seat. Ossoff, a thirty-year-old Democrat not only has an early lead but also the support of Takei, Democratic leadership, and Alyssa Milano, so if you live Georgia's sixth district please, please, go elect the shit out of him.

Ok, so vote Ossoff. That said, let's talk about George Takei. Obviously he ranks highly in the pantheon of nerddom, and he, in my eyes, can do no wrong, but for real. First of all, pulling an April Fool's prank on March 31st is totally cheating. Secondly, the prank was not only completely a thing that could happen, but a thing that should happen. Nay, must happen. Look, I'm not saying he's let us down, George Takei would never do that, but he's put it out there and now I say let's make this real. Anyone know how to do a Kickstarter?
With Takei pushing 80, it's seeming increasingly less and less likely that
we'll ever get to see Star Trek: The Adventures of Captain Sulu, but that
doesn't mean would couldn't have The Adventures of Representative Takei. 

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