Monday, June 20, 2016

The Other Hobby Lobby

Holy shit, GOP Senators love their gun lobby money. Loooove it. So much so that they blocked four different measures (including two proposed by Republicans) today that would have expanded background checks, closed gun show and internet sales loopholes and made it more difficult for people with mental health problems to buy guns.
Normally these would be subject to restrictions and background checks but
since the're on a folding table in a convention center, go nuts. Well, not mentally
unstable of course...or do, it's cool. Apparently we don't give a shit either way.
"No, for the last time we have no
shame, and I wish you'd stop asking."
-Senate Republicans
And yeah, like I know nobody thought these measures were going to pass but public support is super high, like 92% when it comes to expanded background checks and 85% when it comes to preventing felons and people with mental issues that might make them dangerous. Harry Reid today, in what has become a sort of tradition of impotently shaming Republican senators, pointed out that those poll numbers include Republicans. So an overwhelming majority of Americans support tougher gun control laws but still all four measures were defeated today. What the hell, right?

In fairness they'd need to pass like a dozen
 new gun laws to mitigate this much crazy.
Like, this should have been an opportunity for the GOP to look like rational people while at the same time doing something politically popular. Why then would they instead go completely against the public sentiment at a time when they're struggling to convince the country that they're not a disorganized mess of out-of-touch lunatics being bullied by a former gameshow host? Hang on, you don't suppose that they're so thoroughly owned by the NRA that they'd actually vote not only against their conscience but against their better interests?

Pictured: NRA President Wayne
LaPierre and the gun he caresses
lovingly in the privacy of his own home.

Yeah, ok, I know we already know all this and I get that it's not something that's going to change anytime soon, but it's infuriating, isn't it? It seems so unreal that the NRA can exercise so much control over elected officials that we can't get important legislation passed. I mean, they're essentially a club. A club with money and lobbyists, but still, a club. A group of people dedicated to the hobby of owning and, I suspect, gently caressing, firearms. You know, for sexual gratification? And it just seems so undemocra-huh? What? Hey, what firearm enthusiasts do with their guns is their own business. There's no judgement here. The point I'm trying to make is that we have serious problems when we allow a hobby group to dictate policy.

You know, other fan clubs don't do this sort of thing. Trekkies, comic book fans, cosplayers, they don't buy senators, so how come we're cool with the NRA doing it? Could you imagine if Bronies wielded this kind of power? Is that the kind of world you want to live in?
Although I suppose we'd have tougher gun control and more grown-ass
men dressing up like magical friendship ponies, so really it's kind of win/win.

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