Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Today in news that's not horrible...

Hey, I've got an idea, let's not talk about what a horrible person Donald Trump is and how his suggestion that we simply ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. is the kind of shit you expect from rabid-foam racists and not from someone running for President.
"What? Can't I be both?"
Here's an unrelated picture of a child's
birthday party to cheer you up until we
get to the non-horrible part. 
The last few posts have been mostly about terrorism, Islamophobia and that asshole handing out 'fat cards' on the London tube, so this time let's talk about something uplifting and hopeful. Oh, and I should probably mention upfront that this actually starts with a dog dying. Deep breath, take a minute if you need to. Still with me? Ok, now let's power through, it'll get better, I swear. Diesel, a police dog with the Paris metropolitan police was killed during a special forces mission, a raid which also killed at least two militants suspected of planning last month's terrorist attacks.

Above: Putin in one of his
rare 'shirted' appearances. 
So where's the uplifting part? Get this: Russia just gave the Paris police department a new dog as a replacement for Diesel. Yeah, Russia, a country we usually only hear about when they annex something or when that doughy, ex-KGB thug that runs it makes some homophobic comment. And here they are being mensches. I mean, I'm not really a pet person and I usually don't usually go in for these squishy human emotions, but this was pretty cool. A small gesture sure, especially when weighed against the horror show that has been the last few weeks, but it kind of fills you with some kind of, I don't know, feeling.

I think it's a sense of hope for the future or whatever. Just look how goddamn happy everybody looks in the picture below.
I mean just look at this. This is what we need more of. No pointless saber rattling,
no paranoid rants against entire religious groups. Just people trying to make each other
feel better during some trying times. Huh? No...I just have something in my eye. Shut up.

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