Thursday, October 6, 2016

Today in arbitrary percentages...

Sure, yeah, whatever. 70% of regulations. Whatever you say, you know I am so goddamn sick of talking about Donald Trump. That said, let's all pay attention to the ridiculous horseshit that spouted forth from his inarticulate wordhole today.
"Hold on everybody, I'm gonna spout some ridiculous horseshit...'s coming to it is: when I'm President, I'm going
to make homeless people drive rickshaws to save gas. Economy: solved."
Wait, Clinton's only up by 2 points?
Is New Hampshire suddenly half idiots?
At some campaign event in the inexplicably contested state of New Hampshire, Trump said he's going to cut 70% of federal regulations to thunderous grunts of approval from his supporters.

"I would say 70% of regulations can go. It's just stopping business from growing."

-Trump who, as mentioned before, 
lost $950 million and now doesn't have to 
pay taxes because he's good at business

 'Robber Baron' wasn't an affectionate
 nickname. These guys were dicks.
Which regulations? Why 70%? Who gives a shit? Government bad. Business good. Right? I mean except when it's not. Which is like almost all the time. I'm not like an economist or anything, but don't we have regulations because of the incredible abuses carried out by unfettered capitalism? Take the soot-covered, safety last shit show that was early twentieth century industry. A few got rich sure, but the rest were thrust into inescapable poverty and a hopelessness so profound that it took global war to cheer everybody up?

Is that really the best way to go? Again, not an economist, but then this is a guy lost $950 million in one year. I keep harping on that, I know, but for real. $950 million? Dollars? Of money? And he's running on business acumen and hating women. Why is this even close?
Oh right, because about half of us vote not only against
our interests, but in stark defiance of sense and reason.

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