Monday, November 16, 2015

Today in menacing Tweets...

So the weekend was kind of a horror show and I find that at times like these the best salve is usually adorable photos of animals, preferably wearing people clothes.
Hey regarde: le chat thinks he's gens!
A Gibson's a thing, right? No? Look, I
don't understand the computer space, ok?
The second best salve is an international shadow organization of computer geeks wielding their considerable internet shennanigan skills to shut down ISIS websites, disrupt their online infrastructure and presumably hack their Gibson. Yup, Anonymous, the group of hacktivists-is that really what we call them? Yikes. Anyway, the activist group of hackers has posted a video on YouTube issuing a warning to the Islamic State terrorist group which carried out a series of attacks in Paris on Friday night.

What's with the Guy Fawkes masks anyway?
Have they got a beef with James I?
"Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get prepared. Anonymous from all the world will hunt you down...we will launch the biggest operation ever against you...The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger."

-An Anonymous spokesperson

I should probably clarify that this is a spokesperson for Anonymous who's wearing a mask so an anonymous Anonymous spokesperson. 

"Oh no they didn't!"
-An ISIS spokesperson
Goddamn. The last time they went after ISIS, they  attacked the terrorists' websites and shut down thousands of extremist Twitter accounts as well as published lists of other sites and accounts that support the group. Oh and speaking of, they not only released a declaration of war against ISIS via Twitter, but in the process impugned the terror group's hacking skills which, I suppose in the world of clandestine internet-based warfare must be some serious fightin' words.

Incidentally, do you suppose whoever came up with Twitter could have ever imagined that people would one day be using it to declare war on one another? I mean, if they did see that coming, you'd think they would have gone with a verb other than 'to tweet.'
Above: a Tweet of unrestrained war and a total burn.

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