Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let's get exploity!

So I was going to talk about this article from the Advocate about Mike Huckabee refusing to apologize for a funny funny joke he made about how he'd like to pretend to be transgendered so that he could shower with high school girls, but then I noticed an ad for Alaska Airlines.
Mike Huckabee: Comic genius and possibly a candidate for a database somewhere.*
Oh, thanks for clearing that up.
See? On the right? Way more interesting than pointing out once again that Mick Huckabee is an insensitive, bigoted asshat. Although, he totally is. Here, this is from the airline's website:

"At Alaska, we have been longtime supporters of the LGBT community and remain committed to a more equitable society...To show our continued support we are encouraging the LGBT community to travel, not only to Seattle, but to Pride events and gay friendly destinations all over the country."

"Alaska Airlines: We love that you're into dudes.
Or ladies. Or both. It's totally cool with us."

Ok, so the sentiment here is great and I'm sure Alaska airlines has been at the forefront of not being dicks to gay people. Their website proudly displays the Human Rights Campaign logo and their perfect '100' score when it comes to workplace equality and that's super. I mean it. But check out the slogan up there.  'Who you love is not a choice. How you fly with them is.' First of all, shouldn't it be 'whom you love?' Secondly, is it me, or does that ad feel a little, I don't know, exploity? Thirdly, can I question their grammar while using a word like 'exploity' in the next sentence? 

"Getting married after the long hard fight
for marriage equality was nice, but what
we'll remember most are the savings."
The fact that sexual orientation is an immutable part of a person's core identity is like a super-important concept and the basis of the argument that everyone should be treated equally regardless of whether they prefer same or opposite sex partners. Alaska's slogan kind of reduces it to a discount card. Like, hey you've been the focus of bigoted legislation, hate groups and politicians trying to win the homophobe vote for years, so to make up for it here's 7% off airfare to Gay Days at Disney World. Even Steven? 

"Sorry about the last few centuries
of marginalization and persecution.
Here, we got you Kindle."
On the other hand, I suppose being identified as a commercially viable demographic is the ultimate measure of equality and acceptance...in a depressing sort of way. Besides, old people have been getting senior discounts and all they've done is age, so why not a LGBT discount? You know, a little something to help make up for years of buying wedding gifts with no expectation of anyone returning the favor. Or maybe just cut out the middle step and buy your gay friends something nice. I mean, seriously, it's like years of wedding presents.

*Oh, and I should probably clarify that in the scenario Mike Huckabee laid out, he would also be in high school. The way I worded it kind of sounded like the 59-year old former governor wanted to shower with underage girls and that would come off as lecherous instead of just incredibly transphobic. Which I guess he's totally comfortable with. 
"Hey, I didn't say that I wanted to shower with your teenaged daughters,
I was saying that I should have faked gender dysmorphia so that I could,
um, take showers with your teenage...uh girls and hey, vote Huckabee!"
-Mike Huckabee nailing down
the sex-offender vote

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