Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thundersnow II: Electric Blanket-a-loo...?

Sorry, that title worked better in my head but the point is there's a shit storm of a snow storm going on right now on the east coast and it's supposed to bring more thundersnow. Regular snow too, but thundersnow! Ok, so what the hell is thundersnow?
Pictured: Thundersnow...or possibly Ragnarok.
No he doesn't. Like, at all.
 Here, click on this to watch Al Roker...um explain:

"It's called literally thundersnow, when you get a very violent storm, a very vigorous storm like this last one, you basically have the same ingredients as a thunderstorm, however, instead of getting rain out of it, you get snow." 

-Al Roker, on how thundersnow
is snow...with thunder 

Still unclear? Me too. That's because Al Roker didn't give us any information that we didn't already glean from the term 'thundersnow.' Maybe this graphic will clear things up:
Above: Nope. Still confused.
Hey, how about those Greek election
results, huh? Wanna screw?
Anyway, in addition to the usual panic and unnecessary hoarding, there's also this thing about ads for anonymous sex on Craigslist using the storm as a pretext. As in (and I'm paraphrasing): 'hey it's snowing, so come over to my place and we'll have like, snow sex.' Which, whatever, it's cold out and people want to get laid, but why are they dragging a snow emergency into it? It's not like the world is ending, it's snowing. On the east coast. In winter. I mean, when the storm's over, are they going to latch on to some other current event?

Oh, and just to be clear, I'm not judging anyone for using the internet to meet people, it's just that...Craigslist? People have been eaten on goddamn Craigslist. I realize that most ads on the site are not placed by crazy people who plan to murder you, but still, it's probably safer to stay off the roads and stream Black Mirror or something...
* Jan 27 HIGH PRIEST of Kali Seeks TERRIFIED VILLAGER for dark ritual 
Pls incl pic! (Secret Temple/mine complex under Pankot palace) human sacrifice 

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