Sunday, December 5, 2010

John McCain called the troops a bunch of pussies*

Watson: "No shit Sherlock."
Holmes: "I say."

Hey, guess what? Repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell will not cause the U.S. military to self destruct according to a new study. Well, a new study, some older studies, the example of like 25 other countries and common sense. But that's not enough for President John McCain. At first he was all: "Hey, let's wait for the study to come out before we do anything!" But then when the study did come out and he didn't like what it had to say he was like; "Uh, the study is flawed, 'cause you know, it disagrees with my personal world view."

Not actually in charge, I looked it up.

Oh, wait, John McCain and folksy homophobe Sarah Palin lost the election...So why are they chiming in on this? Does the actual President support repealing DADT? Why yes, he does. What is the hold up? Oh, right, bigots. As soon as they get over their issues (or you know, get raptured or something), it's equality for everyone! God forbid we ask people to suck up and deal with the fact that their fellow Americans are entitled to their civil rights. Sorry gay people: you're less equal because some people miss the 1950's. Too bad.

And another thing: Why do some people have so little faith in our servicemen and women? I mean we ask them to go fight wars for us. Whatever you think of war (me, I'm not a fan) you've got to admit that these men and women are badass professionals. They are people who every day get shot at, diffuse explosives and battle Decepticons. I think they can handle the fact that some of there fellow soldiers are gay.
"Sgt. Henderson's gay?! Oh no, our cohesion! Run for it!"
*Yes, I realize this is a horribly sexist term. But hey, I didn't use it, John McCain did. Ok, no he didn't. But that's basically what he's saying.

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