Monday, May 5, 2014

It's the left trigger thing to do...

Hey, go read this thing! Click on the link, it's not that long. No? Fine, I'll explain. So there's a new video game coming out for 3DS which...what? Really? It's a handheld game console, like a fancy Gameboy, look, just go ask your kids.
"Suck it Robert! I just pwned your ass! The kids still say that, right?"
What are these people doing?
Haven't they heard of Skyrim?
Anyway, the game is called Tomodachi Life and-no, not Tamagatchi, that's-just stay with me. Tomodachi Life is life simulation game sort of like The Sims or GTA V (if you're a sociopath). In it, you create an avatar of yourself called a Mii and then watch it do stuff like dance, go outside, and have a social life, you know, the kind of things you avoid in order to have more time to play video games. Here, watch the trailer. Nothing explodes, nobody gets blue shelled, you just watch them act out their little, meaningless, computer-generated lives.

So why do I care about Tomodachi Life? Well, I don't. See that? That was a twist.
You can even make your character chase a bowl
of cornflakes around a table because Japan.
Super Mario Bros, or as it is known
in the Mushroom Confederacy,
'The War of Plumber Aggression.'
Yeah, I don't care about the game per se, but rather Tye Marini's Twitter and Facebook campaigns to get Nintendo to change the game so that his Mii can pretend marry his real life fiancé's Mii. Sounds insane right? Yes, it is a little, but he's got a point. You see Tye and his fiancé are both men and Tomodachi Life won't let same-sex Mii's get married. You could watch Tye explain, but I know how you feel about clicking on things so I'll sum up: some of the game's content requires your Mii to get married, something Tye's and his fiancé's Miis cannot do. Bullshit, right? I mean, is it really asking too much of Nintendo that their games be more inclusive than say, South Carolina?

Look, I like Nintendo and I don't think they're being intentionally anti-gay or anything, but since they're releasing a game in which relationships are a crucial element of gameplay, not allowing same-sex connections seems like an pretty big oversight. It's especially glaring now that a same-sex option has come to be expected in sandbox games and RPG's. So like maybe, go click on 'like' if you have a sec?
Pictured: Captain Shepard from Mass Effect 3.
Not pictured: all the hot gay space captain sex you can totally
have while playing as Shepard in Mass Effect 3.

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