Saturday, December 10, 2016

What would Reagan say?

To sum up, Republicans hate Clinton so
much they'd rather let Russia put Trump
in office. Holy shit guys, even for you.
Um. We're not really just going to be cool with this, right? Russian interference? Vladimir Putin picking our next President? And that's like coming from the CIA. Oh, and, aaaand they told Congress? And because the GOP has the majority in both houses they just sat on this really important information until after the flyover states used their ridiculously exaggerated, gerrymandered up the ass electoral college votes to put Donald Grabby-Grab Trump in office over Hillary Clinton who has a 2.6 million voter advantage?

Sorry, just hyperventilating a little bit there. If you live in a red state, I'm sorry I called you a flyover. It's unfair and mean and kind of why the right hates the left. Although for real. What's wrong with you people? Again, sorry. Look, however this national clusterfuck shakes out, it's important to remember that we're all like, you know, Americans.
Except of course for this guy, who might have
just chosen the next leader of the free world.
(source: irony)
I mean, I don't want one, but I don't
have any particular problem with yours.
Everyone. Even the dupes...sorry, the voters who were somehow willing to overlook the misogynistic comments, the accusations of sexual assault, the racism, the Islamophobia, the galling lack of experience and shady business practices and still ticked the box for the former host of the Apprentice. They're still our fellow Americans. We have things in common...such as, um, sports? Like, people on both sides of the political spectrum like sports right? Oh and dogs. They probably love their dogs and kids. Just like some of us.

Sure, they tend to wear more American flag
shirts, but that doesn't entitle them to the moral
high ground. That just makes them bad dressers.
So if, and very likely when, that walking, word-salad spewing lunatic is sworn in in January, let's try and remember that we can still oppose everything he does, says and stands for without being a dick to the (minority of) people who voted for him, which I know, can be tough. Just keep in mind that they're not more American than the rest of us even though they act like it sometimes and that sooner or later they're going to be the ones feeling betrayed and dejected again. Me? I'm living for the day they feel betrayed and dejected again. Sour grapes, I know, but there you have it.

What I don't get is why the GOP is just letting this slide. A lot of them hate Trump as much if not more than they hate Hillary Clinton. And wasn't Republican President and semi-divine, raven coiffured conservative culture hero Ronald Reagan like famous for spending his time in office keeping us safe from the Russians? Shouldn't the GOP be ashamed of themselves? Like, you know, if they were still capable of feeling shame?
Hey Republicans, Reagan can see you, and he is not happy.

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