Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Let's shake a skyward fist at 2016!

This is unacceptable 2016,
do you hear me? Unacceptable. 
Remember yesterday when I was sort of suggesting that all this 2016 hate was misplaced and that we really can't blame something as meaningless and arbitrary as a number on a calendar for bad things happening and besides, next year's probably going to be worse, so let's save our impotent rage for that? Remember that? That was yesterday. Today I'm going to go ahead and say fuck 2016. Because I mean for real.

Did he suddenly get
really good at chess?
Rolling out the long list of artists, musicians, actors and just generally famous people who died is traditionally more of a New Years thing, and I'm sure we'll get to that, but in the meantime, I'd just like to say to whatever anthropomorphic personification of death which may, or may not exist, 'What the shit?' I mean, I don't want to tell him or her or it how to do his or hers or its job, but seriously, could you stop depleting the ranks of people who bring art and music into all our lives? I mean, aren't there plenty of jerks to choose from?

And look, I would never, never wish harm on someone, but I would point out that there are plenty of people spreading misery and violence around the world, so you know...again, not naming names here, just maybe lay off the good ones for awhile?
In the meantime, please join me in
shaking an impotent fist skyward.

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