Sunday, December 4, 2016

Maybe if he tried not being so terrible?

It's like if you have a hook hand, you're
allowed to make hook hand jokes.
So it's all but certain that Trump's Presidency is going to be an unmitigated shitshow of irreparable damage to our civil rights, a complete collapse of whatever prestige America has left on the international stage, economic disaster, a disastrous erosion of environmental protections and probably some kind of The Purge situation. That's like a given. But at least we can look forward to the comedy right? I'm not saying it's a good trade, I'm just suggesting it's all we've got.

Like, Alec Baldwin's Trump sketches on SNL. Funny, right? Sure. The impression is spot on and the writing's good but the best part is that every time Baldwin does one of these, Trump gets on Twitter to complain about how mean everyone is to him. Behold:
No it's not, yes it is and he's got you down.
Instead of complaining about how people
are mean to him, maybe he could try
not being so terrible all the time?
I'm not sure what he's expecting, of course they're going to make fun of him. He's an endless source of ridicule because he doesn't seem to get why most of us can't stand him. He's a misogynist, he's a racist, he gets into Twitter fights with comedians, he threatens political opponents with prison and he's filling his cabinet with anti-gay rabid-foam lunatics. Oh, and when it was pointed out that his businesses posed a serious conflict of interest, he put his kids in charge of them. His kids. What's not to hate? Also, fear? Like with a cold dread that we just can't escape. Ever. 

We might as well try and find some brief moments of joy between all the Planned Parenthood closures, right-wing shithead cabinet selections and the Court-oh god, the Court. Hey red states, just remember you guys made it possible for the host of The Apprentice to choose Supreme Court judges.
Oh...shit, already? You'd think he could at least wait to be
 in office before he starts unraveling Sino-U.S. relations...

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