Thursday, May 5, 2016

Meanwhile, at the Department of Justice...

Hey good news, the Justice Department just sent an angry letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory's office letting him know just how egregiously his state is violating the Civil Rights act of 1964 with their ridiculous bathroom bill and giving them until close of business on Monday to grow up and stop acting like a bunch of transphobic jerks.
You all picture this when someone says Department of Justice right?
And you hear the sound too? Good. I'm glad it's not just me.
Pictured: Principle Deputy Assist-you
know, she just called out a governor,
can we maybe get her a title bump?
"Access to sex-segregated restrooms and other workplace facilities consistent with gender identity is a term, condition or privilege of employment. Denying such access to transgender individuals, whose gender identity is different from their gender assigned at birth, while affording it to similarly situated non-transgender employees, violates Title VII."

-Vanita Gupta, Principle Deputy Assistant 
Attorney General, on why the DOJ 

What are you going to do?
Secede about it? 
Cool, right? Yes. But I think the next question here is what's the Department of Justice going to do about it if North Carolina refuses to come around? I mean, they've already lost Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Cirque du Soleil, what more can the DOJ they possibly do to-oh shit, right, all that Federal funding. By not complying with the Civil Rights Act, North Carolina could lose the $861 million (yes with an 'm' but that's still a lot) it receives in funding for its schools. 

This might seem a little counterintuitive since ignorance is sort of the problem in the first place, but I guess the hope is that State officials would rather yank the discriminatory bill than have to explain to parents that history class will consist of entirely reading discarded Snapple lids, and that all school sports are now freeze tag. Can't wait to see what happens next.
"You can keep your Federal funding, we'll just use the old textbooks until the Rapture happens.
Easy peasy. The important thing is that North Carolinians can rest assured that the person in the
next bathroom stall was born with, though doesn't necessarily still have, genitals similar to their own."

-Governor Pat McCrory on 'plan B'

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