Monday, May 9, 2016

Today in poorly chosen battles...

Hey, remember last week when the Department of Justice gave North Carolina until Monday to knock it off with that House Bill 2 claptrap which, among other ridiculous bullshit requires transgender people to put aside a core component of their identity and use the bathroom assigned to their sex at birth? Remember that? Well it's Monday and this is happening.
What? Like anyone outside of North Carolina
 knows what the hell a tar heel is anyway...
Huh? No, they must have won. I mean all
the monuments in the South seem to-oh...
Yeah, Governor Pat McCrory is suing the Obama administration over what he feels is government overreach. After all, what makes the Justice Department think they can just come in with their jackboots and start bossing the people of North Carolina around? Like, just who do they think they are telling Pat McCrory and the sovereign State of North Carolina who he can and can not systematically discriminate against with humiliating, unenforceable laws in a misguided effort to protect against a nonexistent threat? This kind of Federal tyranny is why the South fought and won the Civil War. 

"Welcome to the men's room,
may I see your genital ID?"
Not to be outdone, the Justice Department is suing North Carolina because holy shit you can't go around treating people like that thanks to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and also, you know common human decency. McCrory's beef, expressed via Twitter because I guess that's just how our civilization functions now, is that the DOJ is skipping over legislative process and just willy nilly defending people's rights like jerks and that the suit is to make sure that the state continues to receive federal funding until this is sorted out. 

So that's great if you happen to be the the equipment manager for the UNC's basketball team, but less so if you're transgender and just have to pee.
Not sure I buy that this is about Federal overreach, nor am I convinced
that his mother is all that amazing. I mean her son's kind of a tool.
"Oh come one, we joined one rebellion
and you never let us forget it..."

-Gov. McCrory
You know, I think McCrory and supporters of the bill think this is about something bigger than bathroom assignments; like they're defending state's rights or something and maybe on some level it is. But they're also fighting for the sovereign right of North Carolina to be dicks to transgender people so it's kind of hard to see their side of it. I know it's kind of a stretch to compare this to slavery and the Civil War and that technically that war was about more than just slavery, but the Confederacy was the side fighting for the argument that included owning people and making them work for no money.

Look, I'm sure state sovereignty is like super-important when it comes to things like interstate commerce and I don't know, picking the state bird but holy shit North Carolina, you're suing for the right to discriminate and the best argument you've got is that the Civil Rights Act doesn't specifically mention transgender people despite them clearly being included in the spirit of the law. So yeah, way to shake that negative southern stereotype of backwards, ignorant bumpkins with an irrational fear of the unfamiliar.
Some causes are worth fighting for. This is not one of them. In fact,
 this isn't even in the top 100 and kind of makes you look like assholes.

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