Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More like braggadoucheous...

Wow, that was kind of shitshow last night, huh? Yes. The answer is yes. Donald Trump was a walking, ranting shitshow, but then that's kind of why the people that love him, love him, right? I know it's kind of cynical, but I don't think last night's debate really changed anyone's mind.
Above: The candidates congratulating
each other on a shitshow well done.
Exactly, except more
smug and racist.
Well, maybe anyone who though this was going to be a civilized exchange of ideas between two people who are intellectual equals. Instead we watched Hillary Clinton poke and poke just to see if he'd Hulk-out like some kind of orange Lou Ferrigno and Hulk he did. For those keeping score, it took her like a minute and a half to get him to start rage-bragging about how rich he is and how much better things would be if he were in charge.

"Hey, thats us!"
-Some white rich guys
Better, you know, for rich, white business guys. Everyone else would be kind of screwed. But hey, that's business. People don't watch these things to make up their minds, we watch them to see our worldview triumph over the objectively inferior worldview of the other side. Like, Clinton beat the rhetorical shit out of him for an hour and a half, but his die-hard rabid-foam supporters will never agree that she's the more qualified candidate. But then, 'he's just tellin' it like it is,' right?

What I don't get is the strategy or why it's working. You'd think his advisors would be reminding him not to be so...Trumpy. He was talking over Clinton, making shit up, and presenting decades of tax-avoidance as a reason people should vote for him. Sometimes I'm not sure if I should be frustrated with him for being so awful or with his fans for not having a problem with it. Both? Yeah, I'm going to go with both.
"Remember what we talked about sir, act like an enormous dick and say whatever
crazy bullshit leaps to mind, because it's not like anyone's going to look this shit up later."
-Trump's advisors, apparently

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