Wednesday, October 28, 2015


So here's a question: why can't I watch the GOP debate? Like, I'm not saying that I think anyone's going to have anything interesting to say, but sometimes it's fun to watch them claw each other's eyes out over who's the most Reaganesque.
I guess if I had to pick, the Reaganiest one would be...wait,
does that banner read "YOUR MONEY YOUR VOTE?" Seriously?
Set up an account? Why not? What's
another user name and password?
But when I try to stream the debate, the site asks me to verify my cable provider and the account isn't in my name and, well, you don't care. The point is that in order to watch, you kind of have to jump through some hoops. Hoops I'm unwilling to jump through. I don't want to be one of those smug jerks bragging about how I don't watch television, but I don't. Not technically. I watch tons of streaming things, but the television is for Xbox, not sitting through commercials and paying for three hundred channels I don't care about. Cable can suck it.

The upshot here is that instead of watching the debate tonight and then posting about how ridiculous they all sounded not believing in dinosaurs and moaning about Obamacare, I'll uh, not watch. And that's fine. I don't need to actually watch the debate to make fun of it.
Tonight in safe bets...Carson will say something anti-scientific, Trump will
say something misogynistic and then they'll all have a big laugh about Benghazi.
Above: The other half. What? It's the
GOP debate, who do you think's watching?
Look, I don't want to tell the GOP how to run their debates...wait, that's not true, I'd love to tell them how to run their debate, but they probably wouldn't listen to me. I guess the thing is that this is essentially a three-hour commercial for their candidates, and it seems like if you wanted people to watch you'd make it less of a gigantic pain in the ass. Unless of course they don't really care if we can watch it, which, I can understand. I mean, half the viewership is probably people like me who are only watching to see who spouts the most bullshit so they can go make fun of them on their blog.

Anyway, I did discover something while looking for photos to caption for this post. Did you know that if you do an image search for 'GOP debate' you get this:
Look close, upper right... 
...there it is. You got zinged GOP. Zinged by Google...

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