Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Let's Boycott India? Why India? Oh, I see...

Gay people are now illegal in India. Go on, read it, it's a kick in the teeth. Yeah, The Indian Supreme Court has re-criminalized gay sex. So for those keeping score, we're now boycotting Barilla PastaEnder's GameRussia and the Winter Olympics, Hobby LobbyAlec BaldwinChic-fil-A and the highest court in India.
Fun Fact: Thanks to today's ruling, India is no longer
the world's most progressive sub-continent. 
"If we don't ban the gay sex, it's the
same as making it mandatory."

-Pat Robertson,
expert on the gay sex
Re-criminalized. So intercourse between consenting adults of the same sex was illegal, then legal for a while but is now illegal again. What the hell happened? Religious conservatives with too much time on their hands and an apparently bottomless legal fund happened...again. Sound familiar? Anyway, back in 2009 the Delhi High Court ruled that hot Takei sex was fine and not really anybody else's business, and that if anyone has a problem with this then they can you know, just not have gay sex. Well a group of faith-based organizations were having none of it, launched an appeal and somehow won.

Oh, and when I say faith-based, I'm totally being ironic. If these people had faith, then maybe they wouldn't look at the complex spectrum of human sexuality and just assume that God (or the Gods, or Lloth the Spider Queen) must have fucked up when he made gay people.
"We thank you, oh Lord, for all your wondrous creations...
except of course for the gays, I mean, what were you thinking?"
-Father Smarmy McKnowsbetter 
It's an oddly prudish law coming from a
woman married to a guy called Prince Albert.
Today's ruling found that the Delhi High Court was overstepping its authority when it dismantled an 1861 law that forbids 'intercourse against the order of nature,' which seemed like a pretty messed up law to begin with. Like, 'against the order of nature' could mean a lot of things. Is anything other than missionary style off the table? What about sex toys? Vibrators and blow-up dolls don't typically occur in nature. For that matter, are contraceptives unnatural and therefore against the law as well? And since the court is apparently pining for the days of the British Raj, maybe after everybody's done having straight, unprotected missionary sex, they could sing God Save the Queen

Look, I've never been to India, but this ruling seems like a huge step backwards for the world's largest democracy and straight up medieval for a country that used to decorate its holy sites with bas relief guides to boning. C'mon Indian Supreme Court, you guys are better than this.
Two gay dudes? Unnatural. Whatever the hell these people
are doing in this temple sculpture? Totally cool. Thanks India.

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