Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tonight in trading-down...

How are we supposed to listen to Donald Trump word-barf through the next four years of Presidential addresses? I mean, did you watch the President tonight? Because goddamn.
He's the Meryl Streep of Presidenting.
"Today's topic is the shameful
hilariousness of menstruation."
So of course we're going to miss President Obama, but we have term limits for Presidents for a reason and I can accept that, but holy shit it was nice having a President who can speak and you know, be a person. The President's farewell speech was moving and well-written and he reiterated all the progress of the last 8 years as well as the challenges we still face, and he did so without calling anyone names, making fun of their disabilities or the fact that women menstruate.

Remember when Twitter was just
tweens being mean to one another?
And I'm going to miss that, you know? Having a President who is an adult and understands that the world is a complex place and that shouting someone down because they don't agree with you doesn't make you right, it just makes you an asshole. Did you notice that the President cried while thanking his wife for sticking by him these last eight years? Cried. Because emotionally healthy men have feelings and aren't ashamed of them. Emotionally unhealthy men on the other hand, get into fights on Twitter.

"Why can't you just accept that
everything you stand for is wrong
and that you are human garbage?"
I think the best part of the speech however was where the President called for an end to the divisiveness and rancor that's kind of ruining everything. It was especially timely since his successor, technical winner of the election and possible Russian stooge Donald Trump, ran entirely on a platform of divisiveness and rancor. We're at each other's throats and it just can't go on this way. Somehow we're just going to have to let go of the notion that we can't insult and hate-Tweet others into seeing things our way. 

Anyway, like I said, I thought his speech was great and as long as Obama's prepared to do this once a week, every week for the next four years (we can't possibly be this stupid twice, right?) we might just get through this. 
Can we like, get your number before you go?

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