Monday, November 21, 2016

Texas: It's Like a Whole Other Century!

So I said I'd try to be nicer to the goons in the red states, but then this. Yeah, this is why Texas can suck it. Not all of Texas mind you, they're not all goons, but when conservatives blink uncomprehendingly at our anger at them, we can point to this and say 'shit like this is why people can't stand you.'
No really, everything you stand for is terrible. I mean it.
Stop laughing! I don't understand how you sleep at night.
You don't support SB242?  Ok, but
tell me, why do you hate families?
The shit in question is a bill proposed by State Representative Konnie Burton that would require schools to turn over any knowledge or records relating to their child's health and emotional well-being, grades, disciplinary action, etc. SB242, which she's named the Parent's Right to Know bill (because Republicans love to give things names that make you sound like an asshole for opposing them), calls for disciplinary action against any faculty or staff member, including school councilors, who don't comply.

American schools, 1st in transphobic
bathroom laws, 25th in math. U-S-A!
Ok, that almost sounds reasonable, but hang on half a tick, according to Burton's chief of staff, the bill was written in response to guidelines issued by the Forth Worth school district that requires faculty and staff to recognize students gender identities and use the facilities consistent with those identities. Yikes. Doesn't that kind of sound like schools are supposed to out students to their parents if they've expressed questions about their gender identity or sexuality?

Steers, queers and debunked
pseudo-science. Welcome to Texas!
Like, is Burton unaware of how many parents, despite the fact that this is 2016 will kick their kids out for being gay or trans? So back to my original point of 'hey red states, this is why you scare the shit out of us.' Don't get me wrong, I know how important it is to conservatives that they only pee next to someone born with the same genitals as them, but is that really worth putting LGBT kids in real danger of homelessness, abuse or conversion therapy? Yes, conversion therapy, because Texas.

Yeah, yeah, I know, childless shut-in weighs in again, but for serious, no matter how well-intentioned Konnie Burton thinks this bill is, it will obliterate what for many kids might be the one safe outlet they have to speak to an adult who isn't their parent.
Burton's next measure, SB 243, the Don't You Love Your Children? Bill is due to be
brought before the House next spring and would require all minors to turn over all diaries,
texts, notes passed in class and cootie catchers for review and evaluation at PTA meetings.

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