Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let's all shut up!

You know, asking elected officials to actually take substantive action on gun control after another mass shooting is not unreasonable.
Huh? Why the unicorn? Because it's been a day, ok?
Just marvel at its majestic beauty...well? Are you marveling?
Above: The New York
Daily News not being wrong.
But then nor is offering your thoughts and prayers. I only mention it because now we're arguing over whether or not it's ok for politicians to express their condolences to the victims while at the same time doing nothing about the problem. Its been hours since what was (according to this), America's 355th mass shooting this year, and a lot of people are frustrated that instead of say, passing stricter gun control legislation, a lot of officials are content to Tweet about how their thinking about and praying for victims. Check out the New York Daily News cover (right). Because this is America and we are legally required to come down on only one of two sides on any issue, religious people are upset. They're calling it 'prayer shaming,' and find it insulting that they're are being summed up as ineffectual Neds Flanders who just sort of bow their heads in prayer and hope everything works out.

But the good news, the thing can bring everyone together regardless of politics, is that both sides are right. Thoughts and prayers aren't worth the Tweets they're printed on and aren't going to make gun-violence go away. The only thing that's going to help is for us to get up off our asses and do something about the military-grade arsenals freely available to anyone with a crazy-town agenda. Fact. But offering your thoughts and/or prayers is ok too. It isn't meant to be a solution, it's just what you do to be a person. So let's all shut up and get along, ok?
Pictured: A dragon and a unicorn peacefully coexisting despite their differences.
It's like an allegory for American social and political harmony. Also, it's equally as likely.

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