Friday, July 14, 2017

He knows what Bastille Day's about, right?

Say, this is interesting. The President is in France right now at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron. He's apparently going to be the guest of honor at France's Bastille Day celebrations which...first let's back up. You might remember Macron as the guy who hilariously stared down America's technical electoral college winner/President Donald Trump while crushing his hand in an explicit move to establish dominance. It was great.
"Bienvenue en France, Monsieur le president...zat loud
crunching sound? No, I have no idea what zat could be..."
-Emmanuel Macron, subtly squeezing
the ever-living shit out of Trump's hand
Above: Tout les
stéréotypes français.
But you also might recall that he's the progressive candidate who in a recent election defeated a conservative, nationalist opponent around whom swirled allegations of Russian-backed election interference. Sound familiar? Yes, because France is a country living in a wonderful parallel universe where the good guys won, health care is a right and everyone takes their wine and cheese like, super seriously. 

"What did we ever do to you?
Wait, don't answer that..."
-Some French aristocrat
So it's a little weird to me that that Macron would invite Trump, an aristocratic goon who inherited his fortune and shows nothing but contempt for the poor, to hang out at a celebration of the French Revolution-a bloodier, head-choppier sequel to our own. And look, I went to public school so for me any historical narrative that wasn't presented in the form of a School House Rock video whenever the teacher needed a break is a little hazy, and I admit that I might be oversimplifying complex socio-political factors in order to draw a specious parallel to current events in America, but still...

I mean, I can't help but wonder if this isn't Macron's way of reminding Trump that you can only push people so far before starving and desperate, they rise up against the ermine-trimmed, be-powdered wig'd goons who thought themselves untouchable and start marching them to the head chopping machine. Oh, and did I mention that even has his own Versailles?
Sorry, that's an unfair comparison.
Mar a Lago doesn't let tourists in.
"Ok, we're going to need you to turn around
and get back on the plane until we conduct
some, uh extreme vetting...or whatever."
But I think the real question here is is there any chance we can impose some kind of really specific travel ban before he gets back? Like, just for him? I mean, what with trying to dismantle our healthcare, handing the internet over to goddamn Comcast, plus all the Russia stuff, conflicts of interest and unstable Tweets in the wee hours of the morning, isn't he like way more suspicious than some Iranian family who just wants to take a vacation in Branson, Missouri or go to California Adventure or whatever?

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