Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's up, Denmark?

Which is like, all of them...
From the people who brought us melancholy princes and school field trips to watch zoo keepers slaughter giraffes, comes this story about a Danish radio host who killed and cooked a rabbit on the air. Because animal welfare. Wai-wah? Yeah. Radio24syv host Asger Juhl bludgeoned a nine-month old rabbit to death with a bicycle pump to make a point about the treatment of animals. That point being watch out for Danish people with bicycle pumps.

"I knew that we would spark debate. We were provocative, on purpose. Of course there are some misunderstandings we need to deal with. People are saying we didn't do it in a humane way-we did." 
-Asger Juhl, making a point about hypocrisy 
in the most hypocritical way possible
No stranger to controversy, the host recently taught
a Copenhagen family a valuable lesson about fire safety.
Couldn't they have just sung
an opera about it instead?
Misunderstandings? Unless that rabbit was threatening Juhl with a knife, I'm pretty sure we all understand what happened. The station insists that it wasn't a stunt and that the intent was to draw attention to animal cruelty but Je-sus. It's a goddamn radio show, it's not like we can see what he's doing. He could have just told us that he'd killed a rabbit or broadcast live from a slaughterhouse or something. Do they really expect us to believe that there was no other, less bunny-murdery way to make a point?

To prove it, here are two adorable,
un-clubbed bunny rabbits. 
Why did Juhl think that more animal cruelty was going to help? Sure, people are outraged and want him fired, but is the story about animal welfare or is it about how this Asger Juhl guy is a total psycho? Also, when you club a helpless animal to death on the air just to make a point, you kind of surrender the moral high ground which is a shame because he's not wrong. About the need for more discussion about animal rights, not the clubbing. Just to be clear, I am anti-bunny clubbing.

Juhl's argument is that if we eat meat, we don't have a lot of room to complain about the mistreatment of animals and that's true. Like, no matter how pleasant the living conditions and how painlessly we think they're being dispatched, we're still killing and eating them and at the very least, we should be aware of what we are doing. It's just, couldn't he have said it with words instead of a bicycle pump? I mean, holy shit dude...
"Oh, no it's ok. This is organic grass-fed free range beef, so it got to run around a
little before someone bolt-gunned it in the skull and processed its carcass."
-Most of us, deluding ourselves

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