Monday, March 31, 2014

More like Booo!-scouts of America...

This man is biologically incapable
of not talking about gay sex. 
Remember a ways back when the Boys Scouts of America were struggling with whether or not to allow openly gay kids and adults to join the scouts? You don't? Here, it was a whole thing. There was debate, and soul-searching and gay-sexpert Pat Robertson even chimed in with some of his horseshit about how the other scouts will catch the gay. But in the end, whether as a result of public pressure or a legitimate victory of reason over fear, ignorance and stupidity (see right), the ban was lifted and the BSA joined the 21st century. Hurray.

I call bullshit. Where was the
Nintendo badge when I was in scouts?
In other news, BSA today dismissed their first openly gay troop leader. Wai-wah? Why would the BSA do such a thing so soon after making such a huge step towards equality? This is 2014, surely the man in question, a Seattle Scout Troop leader named Geoff McGrath, must have done something else wrong. You know, handed out un-earned merit badges or sabotaged some kid's pinewood derby racer. I mean, they couldn't have fired the guy just for being gay, right? Right? Uh...yeah, no, that's exactly what they did.

According to McGrath, the BSA informed him that the fact that he is gay " a distraction to Scouting..." and so he was fired from his position as leader of Troop 98. A distraction to scouting? Holy shit, what is wrong with these people?
Above: An artist's rendition of Geoff McGrath being all gay and shit.
Which, if accurate, would be somewhat distracting.
Thanks to McGrath's gayness,
the birds in Ethan's backyard
will now be staving to death.
So how did a distractingly homosexual man like McGrath even get to be a troop leader in the first place? Turns out he founded Troop 98, at the behest of his church. Yup, his gay-marriage performing, Methodist church who knew full well that McGrath and his husband are both totally gay, asked him to head up a 'fully inclusive' youth program that would welcome all kids from the community regardless of sexuality. I'm not sure what's more surprising: the fact that McGrath's church is way the hell more progressive than the Seattle Chapter of the Boy Scouts of America, or that the BSA just fired a married, church-going, community role-model because they felt he was too gay to show kids how to make bird-feeders out of pinecones and peanut butter.

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