Sunday, March 15, 2015

Let's Celebrate Circular Reasoning!

"Hey Steve? Did you see on Facebook?*
Today is Pi Day! Steve? Steeeeve?"
(*or whatever they had in 1592. Talking?)
So yesterday was Pi Day, but I'm not sure I understand. Ok, yeah, I get that pi is 3.141592 or whatever and that since Saturday was March 14th 2015, everyone made this big deal about the once in a century day on which the date lines up with the numbers in pi...which it doesn't. If this were the year 1592 or pi were 3.142015, I'd give it to you, but I've got a feeling that everyone was too busy dying of plague back then to actually give a shit about Pi Day. But am I overthinking this? Am I the guy on New Year's eve, 1999 that nobody talks to because I keep pointing out that it's not the new millennium?

Yes. Completely. After all, everyone loves Pi Day and besides what other observance is celebrated by both eating and posting Instagrams of pie? Could there be a better meaningless observance? 
Tiramisu Tuesday? No? Well what've you got? wonder everybody murdered
 him. Well, that and the tyranny...
Well, as it happens, today is the Ides of March, which at least marks an actual thing that happened. It's the anniversary of the day Julius Caesar got stabbed to death by like sixty of his closest friends and colleagues in history's easiest-to-see-coming assassination. Unfortunately, the day doesn't so much lend itself to something delicious like pie. I mean, it was a pretty brutal shanking, so I'm not really sure how we'd mark the occasion. I suppose you could eat a caesar salad but falling as it does the day after Pi Day that seems like a pretty serious letdown. 

Oh well, it looks like the Idea of March are destined to be nestled anonymously between Pi Day's delicious pies and St. Patrick's Day's socially acceptable public drunkenness and Irish stereotyping. I guess we'll just have to settle for celebrating by being the super-pedantic weirdo who keeps asking people to guess what today is just so we can tell them.
Hey people who probably don't give a shit about the history behind St. Patrick's Day,
did you know that he was once captured by pirates and brought to Ireland as a slave
where he...You know, I'll just shut up now. You folks can go back to your drinking.

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