Sunday, July 20, 2014

Um, it's actually not a slow news day...

Hey, you know what's not news? A toddler walking. In fact a small, young human taking his first unsteady steps is the literal definition of toddler, so why then is anyone impressed that Britain's Prince George is walking?
Above: Walking as enjoyed by billions of people world-wide since we separated 
from other primates around 20 million years ago. So uh, way to go George?
In recognition of his achievement,
the young Prince was given Canada.
I assume it's because in addition to his role as a toddler, he's also the future King of England, Scotland (maybe), and part of Ireland, but he didn't really have to do anything to earn that either. Look, don't get me wrong, I find the British monarchy totally fascinating. The waving, the corgis, the fact that anyone thought that Jonathan Rhys Meyers bore even a passing resemblance to Henry VIII, but I think you have to be British to understand why this is a big deal. Like, for most of us, international news coverage of what is at best (barring disability or injury) a basic life skill seems kind of ridiculous coming as it has in the middle of the geo-political horror show of the past few days.

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